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    Ivana Vragovic

    Not sure if this is where I can leave a feedback, but I would like to write it publicly that this is the best customer care I have encountered. Thank you Manduka.

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    Kristy Levin

    I called with a complaint regarding my GRP mat slipping on the bottom as well as the top of the mat wearing off after only a few months.  I use an all natural, organic cleanser on my mat that I have used previously on other mats as well. 

    It was determined I can ship the mat back at my own expense which will well be over $25 due to the weight.  

    I am a loyal manduka customer and very disappointed with the customer service on this.  I will be ordering from other sites that have better customer service and are willing to stand behind their products.  

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    Leslie Wus

    I ordered a Manduka Pro mat through your Amazon store.  I received an incorrect color and mat  (Welcome model) wrapped in a Pro label.  I wasn't happy with the color.  But the weight and (measured size) were a dead giveaway. 

    That's a huge difference in price ($48. vs $120.) and quality.  I'm sure others have been affected also.

    Amazon is replacing but it seems as though there must be a quality control issue. 
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    mariyam asiya

    My order is not being accepted

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